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Split-Up Shoestrings [entries|friends|calendar]
A Wild-Eyed and Whisked Up Rebirth in the Bedroom

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boards of canada t-shirt [24 Oct 2004|04:03am]
Real quick, I thought I'd let everyone know I found a boc t-shirt on ebay.
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[06 Sep 2004|06:26pm]

Does anyone know where I can find the lyrics for There Is No Telling? I just heard it a few days ago and fell in love.

Thanks so much for making this community.
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[01 Sep 2004|04:27pm]

By Division Day we do mean the Talk it Through, Wait it Out Division Day? If so, bless this little community.
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Is this division day? [01 Sep 2004|06:15pm]

Thank you for making this community!
A friend of mine gave me a CD a long time ago. A CD-R with "Division Day" marked on it. I really really liked it, but sadly lost contact to my friend. So, I wanted to ask is this the same division day, and if so, what cd is it? I would like to buy it :)

(it saved the tracklist!)

1. Division Day - Elysium (2:31)
2. Division Day - Birdsong (2:39)
3. Division Day - Looking Glass (3:40)
4. Division Day - Rainsong I (3:58)
5. Division Day - A Boat Made of Glass (2:36)
6. Division Day - Lullaby (for Susan) (3:40)
7. Division Day - Bad Land (5:01)
8. Division Day - Rainsong II (3:53)
9. Division Day - Shelf Life (3:54)
10. Division Day - Uniform (4:14)
11. Division Day - Sail to Summer (3:08)

Thanks :)
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A Soundtrack to an Underwater Dream [01 Sep 2004|12:19pm]

[ mood | I'm Beartrap ]

Hey Look, It's Division Day

title or description

This Community is made possible by the letters D-I-V-I-S-I-O-N D-A-Y.

My name is nick, Division Day friend, photog and all around great guy.

Enough about me. This place is ap lace for anything Division Day related, such as :

+ How much Ryan Wilson shreds on guitar.
+ How beartrap Seb and Kevin are.
+ How rohner is dreamy to like praticuly everyone.
+ So on and so forth.

Keep Rockin' in the Free World.

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